Eco Specialty Crops Ltd.

is one of the main processors and merchandisers of pulses and specialty crops in China. We have highly recognized goodwill among producers and customers in the global special crops industry. Our integrated global sales and logistics team use real-time information, world-class tracking and access to multimodal transportation capabilities to ship to more than 50 countries. We have long-term customer relationships with buyers worldwide who value our consistent product quality and excellent customer service.

The operation is doing business under Eco Specialty Crops (Tianjin) Ltd. with own team of experience grain buyers, traders and logistics specialists.

why choose us

Products Quality Assurance

  • We offer extensive sourcing from Northern China and this allows us to offer a competitive market.
  • We have our own factories with innovative equipment and strict quality control system.
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    Excellent Customer Services

  • Our aims to provide high quality customer service to both customer and suppliers. We provide real-time information and competitive prices.
  • We eager to build up long-term customer relationship with buyers worldwide.
  • Our Factory

    We own 2 Plants in Tianjin and Dalian of China with current annual production capacity of app. 40,000MT. Our processing facilities are well-positioned to source beans from Northern China and are fully staffed.

    Our Processing Chart

    Our factory is equipped with modern processing machineries including various separators, color sorter, and hand-pick selection. We have strict quality control system and tracking system.